Tiana Marie Combes shares a collection of handmade relics for the home and body. Inspired by equine accoutrement, the Czech countryside, and ancient Roman technique, her work expresses the beauty of enduring antiquity and what it means to artfully create by hand.

Influenced by her Italian and Czech ancestry, TMC became enthralled by working with glass immediately upon a first encounter in 2018, as though the medium had been present in a past life. She finds it to be earthen and grounding, thinking of each piece created as a fragment of the natural world.

Melding softness with structure has remained at the forefront of TMC’s multidisciplinary practice as an intuitive reflection of her own ever-evolving mentality. Born with an inherent inclination to create and share as a form of communication, she has applied these concepts to her work in both mediums of analogue photography and glasswork. Personally creating each piece from the collection by hand is inherent to TMC’s practice— offering true one of a kind objects of virtu to share and connect with you.