Tiana Marie Combes is a small independently owned and operated business located in Los Angeles. Sharing timeless handmade objects for the home and body, our processes are inherently focused on creating enduring pieces using ageless materials.

We put local supply chain, quality craftsmanship, and recycled materials at the forefront, working with environmentally responsible and community-focused local partners throughout our supply chain. We are passionate about a collective shift in support of small, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and female-owned and operated businesses as opposed to corporations with ambiguous production standards.

All glass pieces are handcrafted by Tiana using imported Italian glass, with the occasional supplementary use of USA made glass. We are committed to supporting the generational craftsmanship and XIX century techniques of the Italian artisans by whom our raw glass material is made.

Fine jewelry pieces are created in partnership with a local family-owned business, using 100% recycled fine metals from an environmentally conscious, fair trade and human rights focused, RJC and SCS certified supplier. All production for both glass and fine jewelry collections is either small-batch or made to order, eliminating the unnecessary use of resources and creation of excess waste.

All elements of packaging used are made from 100% recycled materials and post-consumer waste without the use of ozone depleting or harmful chemicals. These components are reusable, recyclable, and often compostable. If interested in details on how to conserve specific elements, please email us. Each order comes with a complimentary, reusable jewelry bag to store your TMC pieces in.

We are devoted to consciously operating by the most socially responsible means possible and continuously strive to improve to further support our community and environment. To be continued.