In Transparency • Natasha Zoe Garrett

In Transparency • Natasha Zoe Garrett

Thoughtful, sensitive, introspective— Natasha Zoe Garrett is a Los Angeles-based purveyor and lover of vintage, sharing beauty, history, and familiarity through her line, Roam Vintage. She exudes strength and beauty, and connecting with her is effortless. Thoughtfully open dialogue is an inherent undertone to TMC's work with glass. The material is transparent, malleable, transformative. The In Transparency series brings these properties forward through a holistic exploration of mental well-being.

NZG: I believe that mental health exists on a spectrum that is forever in flux. I believe that our mental health is a reflection of our connection or disconnection to our mind, body and spirit and that it is greatly shaped by our surroundings, our trauma, and our healing journey. I believe that we have the ability to affect our mental health but that we live in a society that doesn’t give us the tools to do so. I have compassion for every person’s unique mental health journey and an understanding that, while someone may appear to be okay on the outside, they may be suffering an invisible battle. I hope that we can grow as a civilization to eradicate the stigma that surrounds mental illness and learn how to provide tools for healing to the world.

My life’s choices are deeply linked to my mental health. In my late teens, I was in desperate need for connection with a wider range of human experiences than the ones that I grew up around – so I moved to New York. For a long time, it was the most healing experience for me and allowed me to feel a level of acceptance I had not yet felt in life. Eventually, the busyness and excessive partying in New York became a hindrance to my mental health and I had to leave. I believe that every relationship I’ve entered, every job I’ve taken and every place I’ve chosen to live is in direct relationship to my mental health and that it is of utmost importance that I check in with myself to make sure that my life choices are still aligned with my evolving mental health needs.

I am the truest version of myself when I am taking care of my mental health. I am soothed by hot epsom salt baths, belly laughs with loved ones, good food and good tunes. A long hike in nature almost always brings me into balance and reminds me of what really matters. I am looking forward to hugging my friends. This year has been traumatic on so many levels and to add salt to the wound, we aren’t able to spend time connecting with our loved ones as we once did. I truly cannot wait to give each and every person I know a huge hug again.

For those of us who are struggling to feel connected, I'd like to remind you to be gentle with yourself. We live in a time of sensory overload that is designed to keep us out of touch with what’s truly important. It is increasingly difficult to maintain connection in modern society. I think if you can find small ways each day to connect with yourself and the present moment, that’s what’s important. To me, that’s taking a few minutes to stretch and focus on my breath, or play with my puppy and give him my undivided attention. Sometimes it’s just a quick walk around the block, enjoying the fresh air.

Natasha wears the Classic Transparency Pendant in Azurro.